CausEnglish is a multidimensional site which is working to promote the cause of English. We do not claim to be pioneers in the field but promise to provide qualitative service. We undertake outsourcing assignments related to English, copywriting work, creation of ad slogans and translation from English to Hindi and vice versa. The site would also cater to the needs of freelance writers by giving suggestions and critical comments for further improvement.

The site is a platform that provides a ground for discussion on the complicacies related to English language usage. It is also a service and solution provider. Visitors to the site are free to inquire, suggest, request, correct and criticise openly. CausEnglish also encourages sharing views regarding the latest changes taking place in English around the world.

This site is also a platform to share views in terms of the changes taking place in English and come up with problems related to English language and provide solution to further the cause of English. We also undertake outsourcing work related to assignments in English in the form of essay writing, language or literature assignments. We also have the expertise of seasoned people in the field of advertising for writing ad slogan writing and doing copywriting work. An expert team of editors is our strength. We have people who have been editing international journals for ages. Translating from English to Hindi and vice versa is also one of our specialties. We can also be of help to research scholars in the field of language and literature. The articles and research works by some of our experts bear a clear testimony to the potential of our team. We do not boast of being nonpareil. Even we may be found deficient at times at certain places. We would appreciate comments and suggestions and would be keen to correct ourselves wherever need be. Repose your trust in us and be assured that you will not be disappointed.

Ours is a team of experts, comprising eminent scholars, linguists and professors from leading universities of India and abroad. All those involved in the team have made meaningful contribution in their respective fields. All keen learners can seek suggestions and valuable guidance from them. We also have a competent team of copywriters, proof readers, editors, ad slogan writers, essay writers and translators. We believe in delivering rather than talking tall about ourselves. Our competence is subject to test. Try us to test us. We also provide solutions for the teaching community. We are also service providers for advertising agencies. We undertake copywriting and slogan writing. We also take up outsourcing work and assignments related to English language and literature in the form of elocution writing, debate writing, theme writing, resume writing (CV), upgrading of books and translation from English to Hindi and Hindi to English and guidance to freelancers on their creative works.

Our Mission

The aim of our site is to provide the students and teachers of English, a platform where their problems in English can be resolved. It is also a platform to share information, facts and data with the people in the academic world so as to make some meaningful contribution in the cause of English. The need for this site was felt because of the fast deterioration of standards in English and the compromises made in this regard. We target the misguided users of English who continue committing errors both in spoken and written English, despite using the language for ages. So we provide services like editing, proof reading and translation (English to Hindi and Hindi to English). For people in the commercial world, we provide services like copywriting and ad slogan both for the print and audio-visual media. Freelancers are also invited to seek the comments from our team of experts for further improvement.

Motto/ Our Principles

Our motto is to provide quality service to students learning English for academic and professional purposes. We believe in providing economical and prompt service and maintaining transparency in our dealings. We would not hesitate to call a spade a spade and work to the best of our capabilities for the cause of English. We are open to healthy criticism and critical comments.