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The aim of our site is to provide the students and teachers of English, a platform where their problems in English can be resolved. It is also a platform to share information, facts and data with the people in the academic world so as to make some meaningful contribution in the cause of English.

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25 Apr, 2012
Thirsty are the people today,
Unquenchable is their thirst,
Thirst of water apart
It is more for money and blood.
Is this the (post)modern world?
This infectious thirst,
Has plagued man’s mind the worst.
Cheating, corruption and prostitution,
Are the offspring of this lust.
Is this the (post)modern world?
In this spiteful, miserable condition,
Peace eludes man’s dominion.
Extinction of corruption and crime,
Would lead to the happiness of mankind.
Friendship, love and fraternity,
Would bring down the garden of eternity.
Devoid of all the vices,
May the (post)modern world be free from Crises!
25 Apr, 2012
Free time in India is mostly tea time,
People have it as and when they please.
With every sip of delight we gulp and kill our time,
This colossal waste of national time never in the least gives us fright.
Tea is an excuse to sit free in an office,
Tea is what students take recourse to when they gossip.
Aren’t there more important things to contemplate
For the youth on whose shoulders rest the future of the state?
Tea is an addiction,
The avoidance of which by addicts causes stagnation.
The sugary sip does infuse energy,
And the absence of it causes lethargy.
Science has also talked about its benefits,
But its harms surpass the charms and to stop drinking it only does befit.
25 Apr, 2012 , New Delhi
How easy it is to get ones work done
By Hushing in the money to the so-called authoritative someones.
Be it a clearance at the customs,
Or getting the files moved in offices fast, which at times becomes cumbersome.
Refinement has come over with years in such actions
That call for a skill in manipulation.
Of course there are no schools to teach these skills,
It is the human greed that breeds it.
Kickbacks it is termed when taken on a large scale,
In the recent times we have witnessed a series of such spates.
Bofors, Enrons, Fodder and Telgi scams and Tehlka tapes have revealed it all
But none is bothered as we have had our moral falls.
Nowadays, our nerves at such revelations hardly shake
Why not we all stand united against this racket to break?
Let us a vow from this day take,
To curb these practices for ever in this enlightened world’s wake.

- xxxxxxxxxxx(Lecturer English)
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